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I have a list of twelve characters I currently play or have played (that have not been reapped), they are listed 1-12 in no particular order. Ask me questions using the numbers 1-12 and after I get a few questions I'll go through and answer them using the character listed to each number.

For Example! "What would happen if 7 kissed 3?" or "Death battle between 1, 3, and 11, who wins?"

You may make up as many questions as you like!

Some warnings on interacting with Hibari

On talking with

Hibari doesn't like you.

Hibari's patience for you is extremely limited, and after a certain amount of time or after crossing invisible borders he likes to move around a lot, he may beat you up.

Normally, with characters like Heat, I make permissions posts asking if it's okay to eat you or beat you or whatever. Only the thing is, Heat is way more reasonable than Hibari. Stop and think about that for a moment.

Now, I am still not going to like. GODMODE. That would suck! But be prepared when threading with Hibari that he may abruptly warn you that he's going to bite you to death. And then you know? HE PROBABLY WILL.

There are three ways I want to deal with this: 1) Comic violence (if it's not an actual fight, feel free to make it a comic violence beating where you end up bloody and bruised but are just fine in every other thread and so forth; ie, beatings that can get written off); 2) OOC warnings ((Ie, when he's warned you I'll go HAY CAN BEATIGNS COMMENCE??)) 3) Always giving you the chance to escape. If you flee him, he probably won't chase you, just make a caustic sound and scoff about herbivores. THINK OF HIM AS A TERRIFYINGLY VIOLENT ICHIJOU-SAN: he wants to hurt you, but that's okay, you'll get better.

Of course, there's also the chance you choose to fight him! See below.

On fighting with

Hibari is terrifying. And although Hibari likes to have a challenge in a fight (and will want to fight you again and again if you can offer it!) he hates being. BEATEN. If you beat him, he will come back and attempt to bite you to death a lot, even if he shouldn't be capable of it. Trufax: Mukuro broke most of the bones in his body. Hibari still beat him to the point Mukuro had to give up on a straight out fight and start possessing people. He was unconscious from his injuries halfway through but kept on beating.

Hibari's losses are also generally not shown onscreen, probably because of an authorial attempt to keep him terrifying when surrounded by strong enemies! Mind, there are only really two to speak of -- losing his match to Mukuro, which he makes up later (the broken bones etc), and presumably losing to Dino which we again don't see and only know must have happen because Hibari silently accepts being considered one of the Vongola family (which was the condition of their fight).

So in short, if you are super godly nasty and want to fight Hibari, I'm okay with that! I'd prefer to avoid the worst losses so as to not ruin his natural mystique, but Hibari himself is always up for a fight.

But if he loses, he will keep coming back and attacking you until one day he manages to bloody you up. He may or may not still be conscious or even alive, but he'll still keep beating on you. HOPEFULLY THIS IS OKAY.

On following his posts

Hibari doesn't like people. He's gonna post, but generally he himself will get annoyed by the number of people replying to it.

Fully expect all his posts to eventually turn into some kind of horrible bullying thug beating extortion thing or something. :)
Business related.

Stats and Permissions Meme

Age: ?? (Unknown. ...15 or 16.)
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 58 KG
Eyes: Gray/Black
Hair: Black
Medical Info: Has had most of his bones broken at some point or another. He's perfectly fine now, though. Beyond expectations.
Physical traits: Tall, lean, with narrow eyes and a cute little button nose. Pretty much always carrying his tonfas.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything. But if it annoys him he might bite you to death.
Abilities: He's strong, fast, and has swiss-army tonfas full of hooks, spikes, and dangling chains he can pull out at will. Generally considered the most terrifying person at his school. Also he can probably beat you up. Yes, you.
Notes for the Psychics: Namimori, Namimori, Namimori, kill kill kill.
Maim/Murder/Death: You are welcome to maim him! Or even to kill him. ONLY HERE IS THE THING: Part of Hibari's mystique in canon is that he does not lose onscreen. Oh, he loses battles. But if he's losing it's offscreen (ie, Mukuro breaking most of his bones, losing to Dino), while his winning fights are onscreen. I'm pretty sure this is to keep him terrifying and I'd like to maintain that if possible. *g* Also, even after you've maimed him, he will keep coming, for the record. The guy beat Mukuro to a corner with his body so broken that when later possessed, it was found to be unusable. There is nothing you can do to him short of death that will stop him from attacking you if you've shamed him by mauling him. :/
Cooking: ...No.
Kissing/Hugging: He'll bite you to death.